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Why You Should Hire a Day of Coordinator

Photo by  Tiffany Kokal

Navigating the wedding world is not an easy task. With Pinterest at our finger tips, way too many blogs to count (just adding to that pile) and a ton of wedding vendors wanting your business, you need someone who knows what's up.

That's where I come in. I exist to make your life and your wedding day EASIER.  There is an insane amount of time, energy and money put into your day, and the last thing you and your family need is to be running around trying to coordinate everything to run smoothly.  Your Day of Coordinator is the go to person for every single little problem.  From making tiny flower girl bouquets, to folding napkins, escort card placement,  to making sure the vendors show up on time and do their job just as you have asked.  

I am the quarterback, the coach, and the cheerleader rolled into one (I have no idea why I used a football analogy, I don't even like football, but I think it worked, right?).

Here is a little list of all the things your coordinator can and should do:

1. Walk through ceremony/rehearsal venue

With quite a number of weddings under my belt, I have seen weddings take place in all shapes and forms. Doing a venue walk through and discussing your idealized flow will allow me to help make small tweaks that may make the day easier either for you, your guests, or the vendors.  I can spot problems that may arise ahead of time and troubleshoot before they become a real issue.

2. Create a full day of timeline

This is my bread and butter.  We start with ceremony time and build around there including everything from when your hair and makeup needs to be completed, to when you slip on your dress, where the wedding party needs to be and when, and when the vendors can create their magic for you.  I tend to create two timelines, one for the vendors, and one for you to send to the wedding party and family, because sometimes those are the hardest people to wrangle in the midst of all the happenings.  

Along with creating the timeline, I make sure everything happens as it's laid out.  I make sure speeches start on time, so that we can flow through the rest of the night and get right to the party.  You have access to this timeline and help me pull it all together with your final stamp of approval before going out to everyone.

3. Contact all vendors BEFORE the wedding day.

Not to speak for them, but vendors love when there is a coordinator on your wedding day.  It gives them a resource to go to when they have questions or when an issue arises.  It also takes some stress off their hands knowing that I am there to whip everyone into shape to make sure the day comes together and on time.  Are you having an issue with a vendor?  Laine to the rescue to make sure you are having the best day of your life and I am taking your troubles away. 

I reach out to every one of your vendors to let them know I exist, and that I will be helping with the day.  They have my phone number, email address, DOB, Social Security Number (just kidding) so that they can contact me directly for any questions.  I also work with them to make sure everything is covered in the timeline and they get any questions answered ahead of time.  

4. Rehearsal Coordination and Instruction

Laine Palm Designs Day of Coordination

You've never been married before!  How in the world do you know how everything should come together for the ceremony?  That's me again!  I will force you to give me your processional lineup, ceremony music, and I will work closely with your officiant to make sure the rehearsal runs smoothly and that the wedding party knows what's up.  I also have some pretttyyyy great resources to help you put your ceremony together (but don't tell anyone)

5. Personal Decor Set Up

Escort cards, signage, favors, guest books, pictures, champagne glasses, you name it.  That is all in my possession the day of the wedding and make sure it is all set up, sitting pretty, and exactly how you imagined.  I will also take it down and put it into a loved ones car at the end of the night, so you don't have to lift a finger for clean up!  Now if you have a million paper cranes to fold and set up, we might have to talk about that 😉

6. Manage your ENTIRE wedding day

Now it's time for you to relax and enjoy one of the best days of your life while I work up a sweat. Depending on when we have access to the venue, I stop in and check on you and your wedding party to see how hair and makeup is going and if you're having any last moment thoughts or to-dos to talk to me about.  Need a dress steamed? I'm on it. Need me to deliver a card to the groom? It's already done.  

Day of texts are sent to the vendor to make sure they have what they need and will get to the venue ON TIME! I'm a stickler about time (because, you know, that timeline).  Your photographer/videographer is a vendor I rely on quite a bit; they help move the day forward while I run away to the venue to get started on set up! 

I check in with the florist, caterer, venue, DJ, lighting guy, transportation guy, all the guys and gals.  Once we have everything set up, it's time to focus on the ceremony and make sure we have everyone and everything we need.  Guests are seated, we cue the music, line up the wedding party, and get you married!  

Are you exhausted yet?  I hope not, the party is just getting started, and you have a new husband (or wife), so you've definitely got something to celebrate.  I am there to move guests from cocktail hour to dinner with the help of the DJ, make sure food is out and to your satisfaction. Then we move into speeches, desserts, and dancing (the best parts, in my opinion). While you are celebrating with the people you love, I am making sure gifts are put away, personal decor is packed up and ready to take home.  There is not a corner that does not get checked and double checked to make sure we don't leave anything behind. Then I give you a squeeze, tell you what a pleasure it has been, and head home to my honey.

 All in a days work.

If you made it this far, I admire you. Give yourself a pat on the back.


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