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Solar Eclipse Marriage Proposal | Nashville, TN

This is a legitimate, magical thing that took place August 21, 2017 during the totality of the sun as it crossed through Blackhaven Wedding Gardens in Lebanon, Tennessee.  And I got to be there.

Solar Eclipse Lebanon Tennessee 2017

Does that sound like I am bragging?  Maybe I am, because it was one of the largest honors of my life, and I wish with my whole heart that I get to do this for someone else in the future.  Plus I got to experience a full eclipse cycle in a state I have never been to! 

Anyways, let's bring it back to the beginning. Tyler and I met way back when we both lived in Colorado Spring in 2008 and I fell in love with a boy and he was said best friends with boy (and in reality, they are still friends).  It was some of the best years of my 20's spent, and the humans I forged friendships with, will always be close to my heart, Tyler being near and dear.

Scheer Proposal-0017.jpg

When he reached out and asked me if I would be willing to help with this proposal to Kayle during the SOLAR ECLIPSE there was no way I was going to say no.  He knew immediately what his future wife wanted in a proposal and explained it perfectly.  A few phone calls, emails, and Pinterest boards later, we had our plan.  The main hiccup; we both lived in different states where we were going to make the damn thing happen without having been to Nashville before. Three wedding vendors later and too many Amazon boxes to count, we were golden to make dreams come true.

ABOUT TYLER + KAYLA: They have known each other since they were 15! And currently, they are living apart from each other.  Kayla in Colorado Springs, CO and Tyler in Ocean Ridge, FL.  So their time together is precious.  Plans were to come to Nashville to see the solar eclipse and hang out in Nashville for 7 days, but Tyler had some grandiose plans up his sleeve.

THE PLAN: Tyler would lure Kayla to Lebanon with promises of the perfect solar eclipse watching party (he was right).  Lunch would be waiting for them (tacos) so they can eat while they wait. A few lies later, and they were at the gardens enjoying the extreme heat and humidity waiting for the 2 minutes it would take for the sun to pass.

Scheer Proposal-0034.jpg
Scheer Proposal-0039.jpg
Nashville Solar Eclipse Proposal Laine Palm Designs


Needless to say, Tyler is a romantic, and as the moon began covering the sun more and more, he walked Kayla over to the gazebo/pagoda/dome/whatever you want to call it, and got down on one knee while Teale and I stopped spying on them and went into full watch mode behind some bushes. Of course, Kayla said yes!  Out came the champagne, a few tears from me along with some excited yelling and Teale caught everything!  

It was time for a few pictures, a lot of smiling and snuggling, then head back to the hotel to freshen up and get ready for dinner!  

They enjoyed an Italian dinner in the evening, surrounded by the gorgeous gardens, a little bit of wine, and lots of lightning bugs.  Peruse through the pictures below! 

This will be an event I will never forget.  I am beyond happy for my dear friend Tyler and his new fiance Kayla!  Can't wait to see what comes of their wedding plans!  


A special thanks to the wonderful vendors who helped make this happen:

Venue: Blackhaven Wedding Gardens

Photographer: Teale Photography

Florist: Rosemary & Finch

Rentals: Southern Events