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Vendor Highlight | Quince Catering

Being a wedding planner means that my co-workers are constantly changing, like every day and I absolutely love it. It allows me to meet new and wonderful humans that are living out their passion, sometimes just starting off or they're veterans in the industry. Because of this privilege, I want to start highlighting a few. Hopefully, it gives you some insight on planning or wedding or finding someone new to work with! 

My very first vendor highlight is going to feature Quince Catering, a boutique catering and events company based in Minneapolis. They create intimate, beautiful catered events for weddings, engagements, showers, dinner parties and more. I will be chatting with owner and chef extraordinaire, Brooke Faudree. Enjoy! 

Quince Catering MN | Vendor Highlight

Quince Catering | Brooke Faudree

Brooke, give us a quick history of how Quince came to be about.

I was working as a personal chef for a few families and started doing dinners and parties for them and their friends on the weekends. I loved the events and the experience we were able to help create. From there, I kept doing more and more events and I realized there was a need for a more personal and quality catering service. In the beginning, I adamantly did not want to have a catering business because in my mind that was all chafing dishes and servers in stuffy black and white uniforms. My husband opened my mind that I could create a catering business to be what I wanted it to be and that I was actually already doing it. I launched Quince a few months later.     

What is your mission when it comes to cooking?

To feed people in a way that connects them and provides a meaningful experience. I want to delight people with food, starting with a beautiful presentation that quickly turns into a memorable feast, an experience where guests can just enjoy.

What makes a client's experience unique when working with Quince?

We offer a very personalized approach that focuses on the client and their unique event whether it’s a plated and coursed 10 person dinner party or a 200 person reception, we create custom menus for each event, instead of having a set of menu items to choose from. I think it’s also the personal chef approach; we don’t just stop with the food. We’re there to help with the whole planning process, to set up valet, rentals and the overall hospitality of the event. We are people working with people, ready to accommodate and be flexible with our service. That’s the heart of our business; the presentation, the food, and the service are all extensions of that. We always want to give guests more substance than flair and we often find that that’s lacking in this industry.


Vendor Highlight | Quince Catering

Tell me a little bit about your husband, your partnership and how he plays a role in Quince catering

Andrew is the visionary and motivator. We love working together and are very complementary, but more than anything, he really believes in me and what we’re doing together and prods us on to bigger and better. Andrew’s skill set includes craft bartending and fine dining service, so he naturally heads our beverage program and front of house measures. He was trained at some of the best establishments in the Twin Cities, including Marvel, Volstead’s Emporium and the 510 Lounge and Private Dining, and he’s honed that training into an excellent beverage program for Quince.  

What are some of the services you offer to clients?

We are a full-service catering company, and we can do any food-related event from plated and coursed dinner parties to wedding receptions, brunches, appetizer spreads, and small bites. We also do cake and dessert orders for events. And more recently, we’ve started doing cheese & charcuterie board installations for events of all sizes. We also do wine pairings and original and classic cocktails.  

What is a Quince catering specialty dish or dishes that make even your mouths water?

Our naturally-leavened bread. We make it on a daily basis and include it in our events. It takes over 36 hours to make from start to finish and is a foundation for our methods and beliefs about cooking. The bread is a rustic French-style sourdough with a soft, open crumb and a dark, extra crisp crust. We’ve even done just bread catering for weddings!


What are some challenges you face as a small caterer

Often we find that when it comes to catering, people don’t know there are quality options around, that the food and service can match the other quality aspects of their event. Many people also don’t understand how catering works and what to expect. We are trying to give people more options and walk them through the process so as to help make it easier and more enjoyable.

Where would you like to see Quince go in the future?

We’d love to do dinners nationally and internationally, especially in France. We’re working on it.

Quince Catering | Minneapolis

What is your best event to date for Quince Catering? And let us know how awesome it was!

We catered the weekend of the Ryder’s Cup last year at a house on the Hazeltine grounds, parties including all breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. It was small and intimate at times with coursed dinners at night to open house breakfasts in the mornings with people coming and going. We loved being there amidst the action, but also creating our own experience for guests to be welcomed into.

Anything else you want people to know about Quince?

Many people ask us what a quince is! Quince is a yellow fruit that is something in look and flavor to a pear and an apple. It’s very fragrant, floral and sweet when cooked.

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