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Vendor Highlight | Tiffany Kokal Photography

Tiffany Kokal stole my heart as soon as I saw her photos. I was COMPLETELY blown away. The light that she was able to capture within an image and within the humans she photographs is breathtaking. She has this innate ability to make people feel comfortable in front of a camera with her direction and her ease and create moments in time that are real and genuine. Read about how this mama of one got into photography, where she hopes to travel and swoon over some of her favorite images.

Tiffany Kokal Wedding Photographer | Minneapolis

Tiffany! Tell me all about you and how you got into photography!

I got started with photography about 7 years ago when I was in the wedding planning stages.  I had been a dental assistant for years and always wanted a creative outlet.  I fell in love with the work from Collin Hughes.  He photographed several friends weddings and he was who truly inspired me.  I reached out to him to see if he could give me some photography tips and the next thing I knew I was shadowing him for a season of weddings and that when I fell in love with photography, specifically wedding photography.

How would you describe your photography style?

My photography style is fun and light-hearted.  The most important thing to me is capturing authenticity in the people in front of my camera.  

What is your ‘why’ when it comes to taking photos for other people?

Tiffany Kokal Wedding Photographer

My “why” I do what I do is the JOY it brings to people.   Having the honor to capture some of the most important events in peoples lives for them to keep forever and ever, is such a huge blessing.  I am so fortunate to have a career where I get to photograph so much happiness, in a world that sometimes feels the opposite. I’m so lucky.

When a couple books you, what can they expect out of their experience preparing for the wedding and the day of the wedding?

Couples who work with me can expect to have fun!  Being in front of a camera is hardly ever easy, my job is to make sure that my clients have fun.  I know they will have beautiful photos, so the important thing is that we have fun together.  This is captured especially during the engagement session when we can run and dance and just be silly.  I want my couples to look back at the photos and remember the feelings they were feeling while I captured them, that way it’s not just a photo of you stopping and smiling at the camera.

What is your favorite location you’ve shot a wedding (local or non)?

Obviously, Minnesota has some incredible venues,  I’ve shot weddings in Colorado, California, and Kentucky, but my favorite venue is the backyard wedding.  When it is truly your own wedding.  I did a wedding last year and it poured the entire day, but it was one of my favorite weddings and most beautiful!  The fact that it rained the entire day and not just rain, but down poured, proved to me that you can have an outdoor wedding and not worry about the weather.  As long as you have a beautiful white tent and some cafe lights, that’s all you need.

If you could shoot a wedding anywhere in the world, what would be your #1 choice?

I’d love to shoot in Southern France.  I’ve never even been to southern France, but I have been to Paris twice and I believe it will forever be my favorite Country.  Italy would be a close second!

How do you make couples feel more comfortable in front of the camera?

To make my couples feel comfortable in front of the camera, I provide them with an abundance of direction!  Lots of direction is what makes people feel comfortable in front of the camera.   I make them do and say ridiculous things to one another in order to get those in-between moments of laughter and love.  I will also place myself in their shoes and demonstrate what I want them doing exactly.

One other key factor is I try to go places where there are not a lot of other people.  You will notice in my photos a lot of them happen in nature vs the city.  When you are in the city, there are generally so many other people around watching, it makes it really hard to warm up and feel comfortable and yourself.  So I typically like to photograph my couples in more remote areas, but still getting the backdrops they desire.

Tiffany Kokal Photography | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

You do wedding photography, but what other services do you offer to clients after they’ve gotten hitched?

I dabble in it all.  During wedding season I don’t photograph anything other than weddings, but in the offseason, I photograph families and small businesses.  I live in Deephaven which is close to Excelsior and to give back to my community I voluntarily take photos for small shops in Excelsior to help promote and keep our little town thriving.  

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