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This will be a little corner of the interwebs where I share both wedding and website projects I've been working on that are too long for an Instagram post and allow me to word vomit my life away.  

Vendor Highlight | Engle // Olson

Husband and wife duo, Jenny and Gerick are hilarious, adventurous and extremely talented videographers, photographers, and storytellers. They started their company in 2016 only to grow into the wedding industry, but also as content creators for strong brands that have taken them across the US. 

Take a peek at their work below and on their Vimeo page. Keep your eye out for their videos that have left me misty eyed more times than I can count and if you're ever in the market for a video, look no further than these cuties.

Give us a little bit of background on how Engle/Olson came to be?

In the shortest amount of words, EO is actually just kind of a happy result of our relationship and our engagement. When we met each other in 2014 Gerick was very loosely managing a video company he formed out of college, called Engle Videography. In 2016 when we split from our 9-5, we decided pretty quickly to go all in and build a company together, something we could truly get behind and be proud of.

Where did your love of making videos and content come from?

Engle/Olson Minneapolis Videography

Both of us have been around cameras our entire lives. Recently we were both watching our families home-videos and realized how lucky we were to have so much footage of our childhoods at a time when video was still very new. Later on in life Gerick was inspired by snowboarding and skateboarding films and purchased his first videocamera in 6th grade. It was used most often to make homemade snowboarding videos of himself and friends. At the same time Jenny would go to slumber parties and videotape made up news stories and painfully awkward skits over previously used tapes of her father’s self-sleep studies. All of this footage is golden and we recently revived it in our own reception video that Gerick created just for our wedding day.

What are the packages that you offer to wedding clients?

We will be honest, this can be difficult. We get a ton of brides and grooms who reach out just looking for a price. As a recently married couple ourselves we totally get that when you are on a budget you absolutely have to shop around and make sure that you are getting an excellent product as well as a fair price. However, weddings are such an intimate thing that this decision goes so far beyond what you are able to compare on paper.

We try to be as transparent as possible when talking about price to encourage our clients to let us know where they are at with their budget. The hours of coverage, the amount of coverage, and the final deliverables are all things that we can shift and tweak to fit what is most important to the couple. We start at a base rate and create custom packages to help meet our clients at their budgets while still making sure that we don’t undercut ourselves or our creative process. 

For us, this is not just another day at work. We only take on a handful of couples each year and our bottom line is never about price, it’s about being able to retell the story of you in a personal and meaningful way. Speeches telling the story of how you met, dancing with family and friends, capturing a small fleeting moment between the two of you. Creating something you love and watch every year is our bottom line.

Tell us about a favorite wedding client project you have worked on since you started?

GERICK: Too many to choose! I will say that recently I filmed the last wedding of a set of three siblings and just to continually be invited back to such an important day and to get to know their families was really cool. My other favorite wedding would probably be my friend Rachel + Colter’s beautiful mountain side wedding in Montana. Also a very significant wedding because I proposed to Jenny the very next day!

JENNY: I would say one of my favorite weddings would have to be Emma + Nick’s from a couple years ago. Everything from the small intimate nature of their wedding, to their secluded outdoor location in Wisconsin, to their ridiculously talented friends who doubled as the wedding entertainment (for real, no DJ, no band, they had a “talent show.”) And obviously the florals were top notch as Emma and her sister, Alexia own Kindred Blooms. The evening ended with many glasses of wine and dancing under the stars. Emma, can we do that again please?

Engle/Olson Minneapolis Videography

Tell us about a favorite NON-wedding client project you have recently worked with?

Something most people don’t know about us is that wedding video is only a third of the work that we do. Jenny manages social media accounts for Amy’s Cupcake Shoppe as well as Acowsay Cinema, a local creative agency located here in Minneapolis and also does design, styling, and photography. Gerick does some camera work for Acowsay Cinema as well as managing our corporate clients and projects. So basically, we just say yes to everything. Especially the chance to travel and be creative,

Our most recent trip to Montana would have to be one of our favorites. We shot a promo piece for a small Bible college out at the base of the Butte mountains. We spent our days filming nature, eating home cooked meals and interviewing kids with a passion to grow their faith. It was pretty amazing.

How would you describe your overall style of video? What can clients expect when they work with you two cuties?

We are documentarians at heart and love capturing people as authentic as possible. We don’t like to ask too much of our couples as they want to enjoy their day and we try not to do too many “posey” shots. For us it’s not about staging those intimate happenings of your wedding day, it’s all about being present and being able to capture their story as it unfolds.

We are also really inspired by home-video and like to embrace imperfect footage because it just feels more real. We pair that with time-lapse photography, drone footage, and audio from the ceremony and speeches to build a final product that is completely unique and special to each of our couples.

What do clients need to know when it comes to booking a videographer for their wedding?

Great wedding videos are so much more than just their parts. We see videos all the time that seem to be shot incredibly well and are beautiful but don’t evoke any emotion or allow the viewer to connect with the story. 

Part of the reason we charge what we do is because we spend so much time in the editing room making sure that we put everything we have into the video before we are ready to send it off. That we have captured not just the couple beautifully, but we have included shots of your bridal party, your family, guests. The wedding day is so much more than just pretty slow motion shots of the couple kissing. We make sure to include it all.

Our biggest tip if you are hiring a videographer is to watch their work. Make sure that you love their style- shooting, editing, coloring. Customer service is also key. Note how they respond in email and how professional they are. Try to sit down and meet with them face to face before booking. As videographers, we are with you all day…with cameras in your face, so you want to be sure it’s a good fit.

Give us a little bit of insight on what it’s like to run a business with your significant other.

Challenging but rewarding. There has only been 11 days since we have known each other that we did not work together. Our entire dating and married lives have been spent working together. Unlike many other working couples our problem is not finding time to spend together, but rather time to get away from each other. Haha, but honestly it seems to be the best thing we can do for our relationship. Then we can miss each other and have things to talk about when we do get time together. 

Working together, living together and dating has forced us to really work on our communication. We joke that are good at fighting because we do it so often. People like to pretend they don’t fight and that’s just not realistic. Life isn’t Instagram pretty and we aren’t afraid to admit that we fight, we are human…and humans that spend a shit ton of time together.  So yes, we fight often, but we resolve fights very quickly, because we love each other a ton and we know that it is most likely Gerick’s fault. 

Running a business together is incredible though. When we do well we get to celebrate our work together and when we don’t do well we have each other to encourage and keep us going. The best part is looking into the future and knowing that whatever happens, we get to tackle it together.

Engle/Olson Minneapolis Videography

Best part about being a videographer….GO! 

It would have to be the people that we get to meet. We are incredibly blessed to get some really awesome wedding couples. By the end of the wedding day we almost always feel like we could have a beer with anyone in the wedding party because we seriously just have such a fun day hanging out with them. 

On the corporate side, it is also the people, but the absolute best part is the variety of people we get to talk to. We get to meet tons of artists, creators, musicians, entrepreneurs, veterans, teachers, and everything in between. Last year I had the privilege to film with a girl named Kate Fronek. Kate was only 15 years old but had been battling Acute Myeloid Leukemia, or AML. I got to spend an entire afternoon hanging out with her family, interviewing her parents, brothers, and finally Kate herself. She answered our questions about her family, lukemia, God, life and death. She really wanted others to know that it is ok to be scared of death and even smile in the face of uncertainty. When I found out she passed away on July 17th, 2017, I cried my eyes out for a while. I still do nearly every time I think about her.

Possibly a little heavy for a wedding blog post, but I think it is the best story for illustrating my point. It doesn’t always happen on every shoot, but when we are doing our jobs right, we truly make connections with people, and we believe that the authenticity in that connection is really important.

How do you want to see Engle/Olson to grow in the next few years? 

We want to grow our wedding brand, build more relationships in the Twin Cities corporate world, and continue to make creative and beautiful work. Outside of that, we don’t really do too much planning. Happiness is both of our main priorities so we try to always make that the focus of our decision making. 

We know we are never going to be millionaires and that suites us just fine. We just want to travel as much as possible, be creative in our everyday lives and eat our way across the world. 

Anything else you want people/clients to know about you?! 

We just really really want a safe, clean, beautiful planet for future generations to  make art in. It can only happen if we change public perspective, make it a priority with our wallets, and vote in politicians who give a shit about mother nature. We are proud hippies, in the end it really is all about peace and love. 

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